Adventures of Playing with A Baby

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Today Little Bit touched Gymnast’s face. Gymnast loves to stand next to Little Bit and talk to her. She was just close enough to reach out and touch her face. She gave a big smile after doing this.Gymnast and I played a little game with Little Bit to see how much she understands. She was lying on the sofa being still. I told her to kick me and she did. I thought of this because when I was pregnant Gymnast would place her hand on my tummy and say “kick me baby” and baby would kick her hand. We did this several times and without a doubt she understood. We tried it with her touching Gymnast. Her arms were still and then reached out to touch Gymnast. Gymnast asked her, “are you trying to get me?” We then told Little Bit to get Gymnast and she would reach out and touch Gymnast’s face. We had lots of fun playing with baby today.

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