Adventures of A Sweet Day

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
What a sweet day we had. We had a little bit of trouble at breakfast this morning but after that it was great. Karate Kid and I waged a battle over which bib and which spoon he would have at breakfast. I managed to stand my ground and won this battle. The kids played so sweetly together all day. They took turns riding the tricycle out back this morning. This afternoon they played babies together for a long time. I think they played for an hour or so without any problems. It so nice to see that all of the hours of instruction on how to play together is starting to pay off. One of these days I might even go an entire day without having to intervene to explain to someone how they are to treat their sibling properly. I imagine that will be in another year or so for Gymnast and Karate Kid but Little Bit will need instruction so I guess I will be in the trenches for quite awhile. It’s so worth it just for the hour that I witnessed today. It chokes me up.

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