Adventures with Allergies

Thursday, June 08, 2006
It has been a rough couple of weeks. Before today we had about 12 good hours in the last 4 weeks with Eli. I kept a food journal for a couple of days about a month ago. I thought that I would notice what he was allergic to. Unfortunately it didn’t make sense until I got the lab results back last week. According to our family practice doctor he is mildly allergic to eggs. He loves eggs, that should have been a tip off to me. I have read several times that the things that kids like the most is what they are allergic to. He loves hard boiled eggs, egg salad, scrambled eggs and any other way I have fixed them. The following are symptoms that Eli experiences that I think are related to a food allergy: red cheeks, red spots around mouth, hot hands and feet, excessive whining, too tired, emotional, repeats himself, clumsy, wakes up crying/screaming in middle of nap, wakes up after nap or morning crying and cranky, discolored patches on tongue. The one day that I can describe went like this.
6:45 a.m. woke up; good mood; takes direction/instruction well
7:00 eat hard boiled egg (about 1 1/2)
7:30 ate small bowl of Go Lean Crunch
8:30 saying he’s hungry, hands are warm, mild inability to accept instructions
8:45 1/2 piece toast with apple butter
10:40 meltdown when didn’t get his way; whining, seems tired, beside himself, asks me for something and then doesn’t want it
11:00 1/2 sandwich (cashew butter & apple butter)
1-3 ish nap
woke up grumpy till I got him to eat some applesauce

The last three weeks have been particularly hard. Thinking that it might be a blood sugar problem we were eating eggs or things with eggs in it quite a bit. He has been spanked and has spent more time in his room than I care to admit. He has been egg free for a week now. As of yesterday we are seeing some progress. We had only two small episodes yesterday and I was able to get control of him in a reasonable period. Today was about the same. We have behavior issues but they are easily corrected and taken care of without having his throw himself on the floor, flail around and cry uncontrollably. There is hope.

I am currently trying to decide who to take him to next. The doctors test only showed that he was allergic to egg. It did not show some of the things that I am pretty certain he is allergic to like dairy and peanuts and almonds.

On the good side his testicles are starting to make good progress descending. After scheduling his surgery we found a chiropractor that does laser accupuncture to treat undescended testicles. He has actually done it successfully in the past. His first treatment was March 16. He had 5 treatments after that. Our family practice doctor has confirmed for me that they are moving and he could actually feel the left one, which he has never been able to feel before. He thought that in the next 6 months they would be down. We go back to the chiropractor in 3 months and we will either do a treatment again or they will be down. This has been an incredible answer to prayer. Neither Wes or I was ready to have the surgery. We were both extremely nervous about having him put to sleep and the going through the surgery. We have been in prayer for him that the Lord would heal him through the accupuncture. AMEN!! Praise God!!


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