A Visit To Dr. Stephanie Cave

Saturday, July 08, 2006
We spent two days at Dr. Stephanie Cave’s office and learned a lot. It was exhausting both physically and mentally for all of us.We did food allergy testing on all three kids. We also tested Karate Kid for inhalent allergies. We did 6 bioset treatments with Karate Kid and 3 with Gymnast. We met with Dr. Cave about Karate Kid and Gymnast. Karate Kid was sensative/allergic to 33 of the 94 food items they tested. Gymnast is sensative/allergic to 32 of the 94 food items tested. And no they are not allergic to exactly the same things. There are 31 foods that are safe for both of them.It was explained to me that the reason they are so sensitive to so many foods is because they have too many metals in their system. They were also tested to find out if their bodies were able to clean up the metals. Karate Kid failed and Gymanst passed. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 is most toxic), Karate Kid is a 9 and Gymanst is a 2. Karate Kid’s first treatment was a detox. We found out that he was toxic and then found a homeopathic remedy that would detox him. Within a couple of hours he was passing very odiferous gas and his skin was starting to stink. I thought this was incredible considering they didn’t put anything into Karate Kid’s body. His biosets treatments were for vitamins/minerals, dairy, grains+eggs, fruits, meats and sugars. Gymnast was treated for vitamins/minerals, grains and fruits.We got to look at a sample of the kids blood under a microscope on t.v. The nurse explained that you want to see round red blood cells moving independantly and white cells that are moving. White cells move as they clean up the bacteria from your blood. This was the most exciting part of the whole day. When we looked at Karate Kid’s we saw: stacked red blood cells, tear drop shaped red cells, some cells that have ruffled edges, some bacteria, globs of yeast, and white cells that were moving. The white cells look like clumps of glitter and the glitter would move as it cleaned upu the bacteria. The nurse told us that the tear drop shaped cells meant that he was having digestive problems, the ruffled ones meant that he was low in Omega’s and it wasn’t good to have yeast. The area around the white cells was clean so the white cells were doing their job. The red blood cells stacked together or sticked together because the body has been exposed to metals and it makes the cells sticky. In Gymnast’s blood we saw stacked red cells, a couple of tear shaped cells, no ruffled ones and yeast.

At the end of the day Wednesday we met with Dr. Cave to discuss Karate Kid. She said that his body was not removing the metals on it’s own. The metals settle into the brain and cause the allergic reactions we were noticing. The behavior problems. Estrogen protects the brain from this so that is why we weren’t seeing the same thing in Gymnast with the same allergies. This explains why boys are more susceptable to autism, ADD and ADHD. She said the yeast in his body would actually ferment fruit that he ate, making wine and would give him a high. Didn’t know that one. She said it was unusual to see a small child have so many inhalant allergies. He has at least one in every season.

She prescribed the following for Karate Kid: a probiotic and nystatin suspension for the yeast, GLA and cod liver oil for the omega deficiency, a digestive enzyme, epsom salt baths and magnesuim sulfate cream to help his liver detox (along with the homeopathic remedies), she also prescribed daily use of a multivitamin, zinc, juice plus and emergen-c to help his immune system. He always gets more sick than any of us. She also prescribed a metal challenge urine test. This is to see how many metals we can pull out of his body. He has fun peeing in a cup. Good thing.


2 thoughts on “A Visit To Dr. Stephanie Cave

    • Many Adventures says:

      It helped a lot. After we started the special diet and went through chelation and added the supplements my son was able to tell me “yes mam” when I asked him to do something instead of falling to the floor in a puddle of tears. I had never heard him say that in 2.5 years. He played with his sister more. I never had a diagnosis back then but in all my research I would say it pulled him out of a high function Autism toward Aspergers. He went from functioning ok 1 hour a day to several hours a day. We have continued our journey of healing him and he is really doing well. I will have to post an update soon on where we are.

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