Everything in It’s Place – NOT!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006
Everything In It’s Place – NOT!!

With two toddlers and an infant there are toys everywhere in our house. For awhile it was driving me nuts. Everywhere I looked there are pieces of this toy set and pieces of that toy set. There is no time or need to dust my baseboards. They are covered by toys so no one notices the dust. In every room wherever you look you will see stray toys littering the baseboards. Under every cabinet set is a stray toy. Down the hall there are stray toys.

One day I realized that I should rejoice in these stray toys. The stray toys are a symbol of the stage I am at. I have three little children. One day when I am old I will be sitting on the sofa in a very quiet and clean house. I will look at Wes and say with fondness, “do you remember when our house was noisy with laughter and kids playing? And do you remember the stray toys everywhere?” I will miss these days when the house is quiet and clean.

I now pass these stray toys in the hall, giggle and praise God for my children. This is a wonderful time in my life. Everyday I get to snuggle a baby. I get to laugh at the adorable things that my 4 year old and 2 year old come up with. Most of all I get to watch my kids discover God’s world and teach them about our wonderful, awesome God. What a great time. I revel in stray toys!!

We have managed to find a system for stray toys to eliminate the abundance of them. Every toy set has a bin to be put away in. Toys that don’t go with the other toys have a special home now. We have a treasure chest for those toys that


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