A Typical Day

Today’s was a pretty uneventful day. I thought that I would share with you what today looked like in our house. At least the happy, fun things that we did. After having our breakfast we decided to go on a bear hunt. We have read the book We Are Going on A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen several times this school year. It is one of the kids favorite books. They especially like to act it out. We all took turns being the bear. Eli went first.

Some other things we did today included some story time, lunch, rest time and some play time today. Enjoy these. Little bit’s latest obsession is changing clothes. If you notice there is an outfit on the floor in the background. That was on her before the football uniform. She has an entire tub of girly dress up but she insists on being a football player. She usually changes clothes three times a day. And she requested that I get the camera. She actually wanted me to take a picture of her tackling big sis. Big sis was too into a movie to cooperate.

Little man was in the highchair many times today snacking. Guiness found the highchair to be a cozy napping spot. He spent most of the day napping in my glider.

Our after rest time snack today was popcorn. The kids decided to turn it into a picnic. They even filled the little pitchers with water.


4 thoughts on “A Typical Day

  1. MOM says:

    What a great blog. Thanks for setting it up.
    As much as I talk to you I still don’t get all the stories and events. And, I will never get enough of my grandkids.

    Love you,

  2. Aunt Loretta says:

    How incredible. How much time did you have to spend pulling this together and at what time of day?

    They are getting so big and beautiful and smart.

    Would love for you to keep me included in all of this. One time a year is not enough.

    Speaking of that one time of year. I hear you guys might all be coming to spend the night with us. I am delighted.

    Love to all………………………

  3. hisholyname says:

    I have been thinking about writing this blog for several years now. I talked to a friend who has blogged for years and she directed me here. It was so easy to set up. I don’t get to post often. But I can steal a few minutes a week when kids are asleep to jot a little down. I usually have thought for several days about what I want to write and then I just sit down when it’s quiet and throw it together quick. It may not always make sense but it’s here.

    I really think that family is important. I want everyone to know my kids and what they are up to. With so much out of town family, this was the only way that I thought was possible.

    I’m glad that everyone appreciates it. I will try to continue to post.

    The kids and I are planning to join you ladies at the beach next week. I will probably just bring the kids for the day on Friday, maybe the afternoon Thursday. I have have asked Wes if I could spend the night with you guys Friday night and part of Saturday (without kids). See you all soon.

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