The Adventure of Making a Map Table

We bought a coffee table from a garage sale with the intention of putting it in our living room. But I really like having an open living room. So the coffee table has been a craft table for the kids. We have had it in the schoolroom and it works great for crafting. I bought a world map last year and had it hanging on the wall. But it took up way too much room and with my new arrangement in the schoolroom there wasn’t room on the wall. So I decided I would put it on the coffee table.

I trimmed it slightly, sanded the tabletop, and adhered it to the table. The next step was to use a clear coat to seal it and make it waterproof. I had to put a thin layer on first as a prep. A friend of mine was here and helped me. It went okay. That was over a week ago. I decided today that I really wanted to finish it. So after nap time we headed outside. All the kids were riding their bikes and I was going to work on the table. You have to mix the resin and activator and then have less than 20 minutes to pour it and level it on the table. I decided to do it in two batches.

The kids were instructed to stay away from the table. Gymnast asked if she could help. I said sure just blow on it (to get the bubbles to pop). Well she moved, tripped and her hand splatted on the table. I couldn’t just stop what I was doing. I told her to get the hose and wash her hand off. While I was mixing the second batch she was telling me that it wouldn’t come off. I was just imagining it hardening on her hand and having to peel if off. I got the second batch mixed, poured and placed. It was at a place where I could stop but I wanted to go back. Then I walked over to help Gymnast, once again instructing everyone to stay away from the table. Two seconds later Little Bit says, “Mommy, I put my hand on the table.” She just couldn’t resist. Karate Kid was sent in for the soap to get the resin off. As I am rinsing Little Bit’s hand off she rubs her eye with her hand. The crying begins. She couldn’t stop. I instructed Gymnast to rinse her eye out. That probably wasn’t wise. Little Bit ended up soaking wet. She doesn’t like for her clothes to be wet. So the crying got worse. All I could think about was her eye getting hardened shut or her eye getting burned and she would lose her sight. We walked inside to try to rinse it out in the sink and get something to spray in it. That didn’t go very well. She just kept crying and I couldn’t think or function. I finally found my spray and used it, wiped her eye dry and the crying finally stopped. Thankfully Curcious Monkey was still in bed and wasn’t in the mix also. Everyone is okay and the resin seems to be coming off of everyones hands. Little Bit hasn’t complained about her eye anymore. The table seems to look pretty good. I’ll post a picture as soon as I get one. Today just reminded me of why I can’t work on projects when all the kids are awake and no one else is here to help me.


One thought on “The Adventure of Making a Map Table

  1. Sarah Hope says:

    Love the visual. Sounds about like my trip to Hobby Lobby with all four the other night. Remind me again why I do not go anywhere with all four?

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