Homeschool Planning and Progress Tracking

I searched and searched for just the right planner for this year. Then one day as I was going through a file folder I came across Homeschool Tracker. It was a CD that I received as a free gift for subscribing to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I decided to load it up and give it a try. I put in all the information from last year that I could remember, field trips, books we read. Couldn’t really remember a whole lot. Then I started playing with it for this year. Right now our days are so unpredictable that I just use it to record what we actually did each day. Each morning I open it up on my desktop and as we finish a subject I quickly type in what we accomplished. Sometimes I just put check marks in my teacher’s guides and then pile it up next to the computer to enter into at the end of the day.

Right now I use the basic free program. If you go to their website you can download it for free. However, after browsing their website I’ve decided that I just have to have the plus version for a one time fee of $49. The plus version has all the bells and whistles that I was wishing the basic had.

In the basic program I record assignments by subject and student as we complete them. It has a tab for field trips. It has a tab for a reading log to keep track of readers. There is a tab to keep track of attendance days. Since I do a lot of work together with the kids I can easily type in something for one and then easily copy it to the other students. It has reports to print out and everything. You can put in the amount of time spent on each assignment and you can record grades as well. I haven’t really used that yet. But probably will later.

Two things I was wishing for are included in the plus program. I wanted to be able to track memory work and have a place to put goals for the year. It’s included in the plus. And the reports generated by the plus version are more like what I was looking for. You can print out a lesson plan for the week by the half hour or so. So, that is going on my wish list to buy when we have a little extra cash in the school budget.


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