Audio Books

My kids, especially Eli, love books on CD. Eli has listened to the same books on CD for the last 2 years. He will listen to them over and over. We usually just get them from the library. The first one that Eli listened to was Stuart Little by E.B. White. He listened to it every nap time and bed time for at least a month. And then everytime we went to the library he asked for it again. We have also checked out the Amelia Bedelia collection, Mercy Watson, Black Beauty, Peter Pan and a few others. Our library doesn’t have a huge collection and my kids want to listen to the same ones over and over for months.

I found three free websites that I wanted to share with you. The first one is librivox. From their webiste,” LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books.” So far I have downloaded The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter and the unabridged Adventures of Pinocchio by C. Collodi. We just finished reading the Pinocchio book and Eli loved it. I thought he would enjoy listening to it again at rest time. The only complaint I have about these is that you have to download them by chapter. And at the beginning of each chapter it gives a credit to librivox. It starts to annoy me but the kids don’t mind it at all.

The second site is Storynory. From their website, “Storynory is an online treasure trove of audio stories. Here you will find a mixture of new stories, fairy tales, and specially adapted myths and histories. We also provide a sprinkling of verse.” The story reader, Natasha, has a wonderful story telling voice. I have downloaded the The Brothers Grimm’s Elves & the Shoemaker, Hans Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling and The Princess and the Pea, Charles Perrault’s Cinderella and Noah’s Ark. I can’t wait to let the kids listen.

The third site that I have to share with you is Kiddie Records Weekly. From their website, “Kiddie Records Weekly began in 2005 as a one year project devoted to the golden age of children’s records.  This period spanned from the mid forties through the early fifties and produced a wealth of all-time classics.  Many of these recordings were extravagant Hollywood productions on major record labels and featured big time celebrities and composers.” Listening to these is nostalgic. I have downloaded Ludwig Bemelman’s Madeline, Rosebud and Sunshine, Ruth Krauss’ Carrot Seed, and the fairy tales The Little Red Hen, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks & The Three Bears and The Gingerbread Boy.

We don’t have a CD player in the car but I do have an mp3 player with an fm transmitter. So I have loaded the mp3 player with these and plan to listen to them when we are traveling. We have already done this with the Beatirx Potter stories and the kids asked for them constantly. I can’t wait to let them hear the new ones that I have downloaded. I also have burned several of them to CD’s for the kids to listen to in their rooms at rest time and bedtime. I’ll update you on the opinion of them.


2 thoughts on “Audio Books

  1. Dee says:

    Thanks for sharing. All I need now is an MP3 and we will be listening to stories all the time. Till then I guess we will just listen at home on the computer. 🙂 I’m so excited I’m downloading The Steadfast Tin Soldier from storynory right now.

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