Little Bit Turned 3!!!

Little Bit’s birthday was August 28. On her big day we went and picked up Daddy for a long lunch. We took her to Build A Bear for her first experience and then took the kids to McDonald’s for lunch. Not only did they get to get kids meals but we let them play on the playground there. This is a big undertaking for a family our size. We usually pick up a few $1 hamburgers and nuggets and head home to eat. Or eat in the car to the next place. The kids are always asking to stay and play or stay and eat somewhere. So we did.

Little Bit’s color is purple (I’ll have to explain in another post) and she is obsessed with sparkles lately. They had just the right bear for her at Build a Bear. We had just finished watching the Olympics and my girls love gymnastics. So “Sparkley” had to have a leotard.

She had lots of help building her bear and outfitting him.

That evening Aunt Sawya visited to wish her Happy Birthday. We tried to have cake. I told them when they finished dinner they could have cake. Dinner wasn’t as exciting as lunch and Karate Kid and Little Bit went to bed early without dinner or cake. We had cake first thing the next morning. All three of the kids helped me make and decorate the cake. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it). Little Bit insisted on having a cake of her own. Wes’ parents and aunts and uncles like to celebrate birthdays by going out to dinner and having a birthday cake. When they did Little Bit’s birthday (which fell before her birthday) she was very upset that she had to share the cake with everyone else there. But they were celebrating other birthdays as well so it really wasn’t just her cake. So I obliged and made her a small cake of her own.


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