Three munchkins and a little man meet the baby boy

Since baby was born in the evening the other kids were home getting ready for bed. It was too late for them to be up at the hospital waiting for his arrival. So they came the next morning after breakfast. I wish I had the video camera rolling. It was quite a scene. They visited for an hour. As the tornado dust settled from their visit Surfer Man says, “I’m overwhelmed already.”

So here are a few of the funny things that happened during the visit. They each took turns holding their new brother. When they weren’t taking their turn holding baby or snuggling with Mommy they were eating and drinking. For those who know us this should come as no surprise. My kids walk around all day saying, “I’m hungry.” I’m convinced that people at church think that our last name is Hungry.  The entire time we are there they walk around saying, “I’m hungry.” My Mom had made biscuits for breakfast and thoughtfully brought the leftovers with her. I had a few snacks for myself and Wes in our bag. I also packed snacks in a diaper bag for them before leaving the night before. They ate the biscuits, all of my snacks, all their snacks and drank 3 of my little juices (all that was in the room at the time) and all my water. When they purged us of all our snacks and drinks they moved on.

When Little Bit first came into the room she noticed that my tummy was not as big anymore. She said their was room for her to sit on my lap without smooshing baby. She also asked, “Can we take him home.” She talked to baby a lot while I was pregnant. He heard her voice and started looking for her. She is also fascinated by his cord stump. She wanted to know what it was, did it hurt him and when will it fall off. Every time I change his diaper we have the same conversation.

The Gymnast immediately ran to her Dad and told him how much she missed him. Then when they were leaving she came crying to me asking me if she could stay with us. Her only other question as how did baby come out. I told her that God gave a Mommy a special place for the baby to come out. I was hoping that was going to satisfy her curiosity. She wanted more, “Where is it Mommy?” Well… It’s in a special place. Realizing she wasn’t going to get anymore answers she gave it up. She hasn’t asked again. Whew!! I just imagine if I tell her more I will walk into her room one day and her and Little Bit will be pretending to birth their baby dolls.

Karate Kid was more interested in my juices at first than holding baby. But he eventually became interested and snuggled up with me to hold baby. Curious Monkey wasn’t sure what to think of the baby. He looked at him like he was trying to figure out what he was and how it was going to affect him. I am pleased to report that he loves his baby brother. He likes to give him kisses and pet his head (gently).

During the visit a nursery nurse came in to check baby’s vitals. She let each of the kids listen to his heartbeat. Karate Kid said it sounded like waves, Gymnast said it sounded like a horse running, and Little Bit said that it sounded like a heart.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with the kids. We left the hospital after dinner that night. We were able to visit with the kids a bit before everyone went to bed. It was really nice having the whole family together.

Here are a few pictures from the whirlwind visit. If you click on the image you can see it bigger.

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5 thoughts on “Three munchkins and a little man meet the baby boy

  1. Sarah Hope says:

    I love it! The descriptions you gave of each child’s reaction…perfect. I am amazed by you guys! I can hear Wes now. Hang on….you are in for a wild ride!

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