Adventures in shopping with a friend

Yesterday I had to make a trip up to Daphne. Being a 40 minute drive I didn’t want to go pick up my order and then turn around and come home. So I decided I would stop at a fabric store. I am ready to make curtains for my kitchen and haven’t found fabric yet. A friend of mine decided she would ride with me. Her husband was able to watch her children so she was able to help me with my kids. It’s always nice to have someone with you when you are out with 5 kids. She pushed my double stroller with Little Bit and Curious Monkey, I carried Littlest Man in my moby wrap (love it!!) and Gymnast and Karate Kid walked. It was a pretty normal trip. Gymnast and Karate Kid horsed around and I sushed them and reminded them of proper behavior constantly. Curious Monkey tried to pull things off the end caps. The girls decided they had to go potty halfway through our experience. (Yes I made them go before we left home).  And I was trying to look at fabric while considering the possiblity of it working in my kitchen.

I found just the right fabric, which I will share with you as soon as my curtains are made. We got up to the front of the store to get it cut out. Karate Kid fell into several rolls of fabric nocking them over. I got dirty looks from the cashiers. I remanded him to a chair in the front of the store. We were not getting helped as quickly as the children would like. The store clerks and others seemed to be bothered by the noise. No one exactly said anything to me. But no one said anything to me. Not a hi, how are you, or even a my you have your hands full. So my dear friend takes them outside and gets them in the car while I get my fabric cut and paid for.

After paying I go to the car, put Spencer in and jump in, start it up and begin to back out……

when the car started acting funny. It wouldn’t go back anymore. My friend says, “Oh, the stroller!!” My trunk can’t be opened without the key so she just folded it and set it down behind the van to be put in. I pulled back up and got out to assess the situation. You would think that I just rolled over it, nope. When I backed up, it apparently raised up and got caught in my wheel. We pulled and pushed and tried to turn it out. To no avail. It was wedged in their good. All the while kids start pouring out of the van asking what happened. My brain immediately shut down and couldn’t figure anything out. That happens to me a lot when all the kids are talking and something is wrong. My friend is able to continue to think. She calls her husband and he is already in the car with her kids headed to Home Depot. He is willing to make a small detour to help us out. Then she comes up with the winning idea. She says, “if we could just jack it up I think it would come loose.” So I get my jack out, read the instructions real quick and start lifting the car. Bingo. The stroller comes loose. We assess it real quick, throw it in the trunk, call off our help and drive off to the next stop.

Having help is wonderful. However, I have noticed lately when I do have help my brain quits functioning like it does when I don’t have help. It’s like it goes into sleep mode. This happens even when my hubby is home to help. My well organized, this is the way it works system gets thrown for a loop. I’ll have to work on that because help is good.

The stroller appears to be in good working condition. The foam on the handle is a bit torn and the umbrella is toast. But the wheels and the frame aren’t bent. A few replacement pieces and we should be ready to go.

After we got it out I mentioned that I would have liked to have grabbed my camera. It was a hilarious site.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in shopping with a friend

  1. Dee says:

    Oh my! What an adventure. I can relate to the mind shutting down. It happens more when I’m sleep deprived than when I have good sleep. One of these days you will get a few months of good sleep and feel like your old self again.
    OK so I know that won’t happen for a few years, but it’s somthing to dream about for now.
    Love ya sis. Wish I lived closer to help out.

  2. Michelle Taylor says:

    Was this the day you picked up the co-op order? Well, I guess if I had been able to deliver your order, you wouldn’t have such an exciting day or blog entry 🙂

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