Three Year Old Vocabulary

I had an interesting encounter with Little Bit. She walks to me holding her blanket and says, “I blessed on my blanky.” I am quite puzzled, maybe I didn’t hear her right, “What?” Little Bit: “I blessed on my blanky.” This goes a few times. And then I say, “You blessed on your blanky?” She says, “Yeah, achoooo.” Now I got it, “Oh, you sneezed on your blanky.” “Yes.” Me: “That’s okay.” Little Bit: “Can we wash it?” There’s a small wet spot on it and she can’t stand for her clothes to get anything wet on them and insists on changing. I say, “We’ll wash it later, it’s okay.” Thankfully this appeases her and she goes back to watching Sid the Science Kid.


3 thoughts on “Three Year Old Vocabulary

    • hisholyname says:

      I just can’t come up with a blog title that’s as cute as the one I have. I do like the 5 Munchkateers though. I’ll mull that one around.

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