Find that phonogram

As you can tell I have the blogging bug. Blood must be flowing through my brain again. My kids have a new came that they are begging me to play. We call it “find the phonogram.” My children dred reviewing their phonograms everyday. So yesterday I gave it a new twist.


Gymnast and Karate Kid have been working on learning the last 30 of the 72 phonograms for several weeks. I decided to spread them around the living room floor. I then called one out and they had to find it. Then they had to repeat it to me. They hopped all around sometimes going all around the right one to make their turn longer. When we were done they asked to do the rest of them. I couldn’t believe my ears. They usually moan and groan about phonogram review. So I got the first 42 out and laid them on the floor. By this time Little Bit came out to see what fun she was missing in the living room. She is working on learning the first 26 so she joined the game.


They had such a great time they wanted to play again. I had to deny the request a baby needed to be fed and lunch needed to be made. Oh and I want them to want to play on Monday. Can’t wear out the new game in a day. Karate Kid has asked three times today to play.

To continue the fun learning day I decided to not make Gymnast write her spelling words in her notebook. She got to choose between writing them on the sidewalk with chalk or on my window with a dry erase marker. She chose…


She thought this was great fun. When I told her this choose she looked at me with a smirk as to say, “you mean I could write on your window?”

I got this idea from this article at All About Spelling: Tactile Ways to Practice Spelling. This was just what I needed to read to make spelling more fun for Gymnast. My friend at Freely Educate is giving away a beautiful reader and a box of chocolates from All About Spelling. You have till tonight at midnight to enter.


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