The Transition to Five

We are now in a good daily routine since Spencer’s birth. He is napping and eating on a great schedule which allows me to predict when I can get things done with the older kids. I’m starting to feel a little more normal.

The hardest thing about having five kids under 7 is having a very active and boisterous 6, 5 and 3 year old. This has made most things difficult. Leaving the house is one of the hardest. I was never intimidated to leave the house when I had 4 kids under 6. We just did it. But five under 7 has bound me to my house. We used to leave the house to go to the park on a whim when the weather was nice. Now I gear up all week to get out on Friday only.

My biggest struggle with my “big” kids is keeping them on task. I have been repeating directions way too much lately. They seem to get distracted  playing with eachother or aggravating each other these days. Well the first step is figuring out the problem. I’ve started the pruning process and hopefully will be getting some first time obedience and follow through on a more regular basis. I have found that sending them one at a time to get ready keeps them out of eachothers way.

So all in all five is good. It’s very busy though. For now there are many things that don’t get done as regularly as I would like. But as Spencer gets older we’ll be able to get to those things more.


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