Life Changing Adventures

I haven’t posted in a really long time. I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Five children under 8 has rocked my world. I use to leave the house with all the children without batting an eye. Until I had number 5. Suddenly the thought of getting all the kids ready, buckled, and then controlled in public is too much. I do get out but it took me awhile before doing it regularly. And it is still quite overwhelming.

This isn’t really what this post was going to be about. I just wanted you to know that life has been turned upside down for me with number 5. “How much trouble can one more be?” That was my thought with every new pregnancy. When the total sum of the one mores equal 5 under 8 it’s more. The only thing I have less of is time and mental capacity.

Our newest adventure that we have embarked on is relocation. My hubby has taken a job in Norfolk, VA. We  have to sell our house, have a moving sale, pack our things, find new housing and drive all of us to VA and start anew. I have a mental list in my head of all the things that need to be done from now till we are settled. I’m a list maker and I love to scratch things off. And I don’t mind adding things to my list that I’ve already accomplished that go with the list in order to reward myself. I’ve checked a couple of things off already – get the house ready to show, and list the house.  So the ball is rolling and I’m on the right track. I just plan to take it one day at a time and then one box at a time. And we’re praying that only a few people have to see the house before we get an offer. I am so not into keeping it spotless and in “show” quality for months on end. We are looking to be moved by the end of Jan.

I’ll try to update more often on what’s going on.


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