Adventures in Moving

The state of the economy has hit our family. My husband was employed by a private firm that has been on unstable ground for over 2 years.  Things declined for us slowly over that time. First paid overtime and bonuses were taken away. A year later an across the board pay cut of 20% was made. Thanks to working the Dave Ramsey baby steps we were out of debt and could get by on that income for the time being. After 8 months of being on a pay cut and several rounds of layoffs we decided the pasture was not getting any greener and  the likelihood of it was bleak. So he started searching for a new job. He decided that it would suit his work style and our family life if he left the private world and searched for employment by the federal government.

During this time we were in prayer the entire time seeking the Lord’s guidance. Over the last 4 years he had been searching for a public job that would allow us to stay in the area where we had been for 10 years. However, none of the local opportunities were going to work out. It wasn’t until a job came up in Virginia that we felt the Lord’s peace and guidance. We were very blessed that he was able to get hired and start his new job before the private firm was forced to lay him off. And even though we have moved over 15 hours away from both of our families we had a peace from God. A peace that only he can supply. A peace that says step out and I’ll be there every step of the way. I won’t forsake you. All of your needs will be met. Trust me, this is what is right for your family.

So I spent 5 months packing our house while continuing all my other household duties. I would pack for a couple of weeks, then school for a couple of weeks. At the end of February we made the 17 hour drive from my parents house to Virginia. The kids were troopers. When they were awake we stopped every 3 hours or so to stretch our legs and potty. When they slept we were able to get more driving time in.

So, 8 months after the interview we are finally up here, the essentials are unpacked and we are getting into a routine. We are all enjoying our new hometown. It was hard to be away from family for Mother’s Day but we have made several web calls, so the grandparents can see the kids. We’ve found a church home and are excited about getting involved there. Our gymnast is in a great gym, and our other kids are playing tee-ball for the first time. It’s been a blessed spring.


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