My Picks for This School Year – 2011/2012

This year I have three school age students and two preschoolers.  I approach each year anew and pray about what our priority should be for each child and what we should use to accomplish this. One year God told me to just read to the kids so that the Little Gymnast would find enjoyment in books. She was never one to sit long enough to hear one page of a book. That year we had so much fun doing Before Five in a Row mixed with Five in a Row. By the end of the year I had accomplished my goal and everyone loved to listen to books.

So what’s in store for this year… Little Gymnast by age is in fourth grade. Due to her learning struggles she is still doing some first grade and second grade work. The beauty of homeschooling is that I can work at each child’s abilities no matter their grade. We can take a day or six months to get through one lesson. And six months is not an exaggeration. The Karate Kid is going into the second grade and Little Bit is first grade. Here’s the plan:

Little Gymnast – Fourth Grade

  • Phonics, Spelling and Reading – Finish All About Spelling Level 2 with Explode the Code for Reinforcement
  • Grammar – Daily Grams 3 and Sonlight LA1
  • Math – Keep going with RightStart B and add Math Mammoth for extra review and practice when needed
  • Handwriting – Finish A Reason for Handwriting C
  • Copywork – God’s Wisdom for Little Girls: Virtues and Fun from Proverbs 31
  • Science – Winterpromise Animals and Their Worlds (a repeat at her request)

Karate Kid – Second Grade

  • Phonics and Reading – All About Spelling, All About Reading with some Sing, Spell, Read and Write
  • Grammar – Sonlight LA1
  • Math – Finish Making Math Meaningful Level 2
  • Handwriting – Handwriting Without Tears My Printing Book
  • Copywork – God’s Wisdom for Little Boys: Character-Building Fun from Proverbs
  • Science – Sonlight Science 1

Little Bit – First Grade

And we will do all together:
  • Bible/History/Geography/Literature – Sonlight Core B – Introduction to World History
And the preschoolers will be getting read to from Sonlight P3/4, playing together and hopefully staying out of too much trouble.
I have been collecting the Sonlight books over the last couple of months. Karate Kid has gotten so excited seeing all the books that we are going to read. He asked a few weeks ago when we were going to start school so we could read the books about Egypt. So I threw out the date of August 15th. It’s fast approaching.



2 thoughts on “My Picks for This School Year – 2011/2012

    • Many Adventures says:

      Thanks Laura. When I have an extra hour every 6 months I get to post a few things that have been floating in my head.
      It was so great to meet you as well. I hope we are all able to get together again soon.

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