Taming the Chaos

The school days around here have been an absolute circus. My two preschool boys have been playing loudly, fighting over toys and beating each other up all day long. And despite my best planning efforts, my school age children were all demanding my attention at the very same time. It has been hard for me to focus amongst the chaos, and my older kids were finding it distracting and hard to get their work done. During a brainstorming session with my sister this weekend we came up with a solution. I decided that my little boys needed to have separate playtime during the morning, and direction of what to play with instead of a bored free-for-all. So now we have six centers spread throughout the house and the boys were to stay in there spots for at least 20 minutes.

One center is in the boy’s bedroom.

Another center in our extra-wide hallway off our schoolroom.

The living room center.

And two different table activities in the kitchen.

I also had activities in the schoolroom, but neither of the boys made it there.

All of the kids benefited from the new routine. Little Man was so excited to be playing with his toys alone. The older kids were much more focused and enjoyed the quieter atmosphere. There was overall a lot less drama today. After a little alone time everyone played together without fighting.


One thought on “Taming the Chaos

  1. kaila says:

    haha thats awesome.. great ideas. i dont know that i have enough room for all that but we do school during naptime here lol..so far it works for us 😉

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