Seeds Family Worship New Album ~ Purity and Review

Small Pledge Badge - post and link to

Seeds Family Worship’s new album, Purity, is being released today. It’s a project with FamilyLife’s Passport2Purity. It’s a call to live a pure life in all aspects of life. You can download the album here.

We have been listening to Seeds Family Worship for years. Seeds Family Worship songs are Bible verses set to music. But it’s not your average kids’ bible music. Their songs appeal to the whole family. I turn Seeds on all the time. We listen to help us memorize scripture, we listen when we are happy, cleaning house and we listen when we are grumpy. The girls turn it on in their room and dance. A wonderful atmosphere is created when your whole house is singing scripture. I’ve listened to Purity and it’s really good.

Join me and take the Parent’s Purity Pledge and receive a free song from the new album. Pledge with me to live out Deuteronomy 6:6-7; I pledge to live out purity in my home from the earliest stages of my children’s lives—teaching and modeling a life dedicated to God’s ways. You will receive a free song from the Purity album and a free download from FamilyLife


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