A Mid-Year Review

It seems every year I make changes to our curriculum in January. It’s usually about that time that I realize that something just isn’t working. There have been varying reasons that it didn’t work. The biggest reason usually was that my kids needed something more remedial or they hated the curriculum or I needed something more structured. But that is the beauty of homeschooling, when the shoe doesn’t fit you can try another shoe.

This is the first year in our homeschool career that I am not making any major changes. I knew that my Curious Monkey wasn’t ready for structured learning in the fall but I thought as he got closer to 5 in January he would probably be ready. I actually got that right. He has been begging for reading lessons. So we will be starting All About Reading Level Pre-1 in a few weeks. He’s so excited for Ziggy the Zebra to arrive and help him learn to read.

The Karate Kid and Little Bit were working through Sing, Spell, Read and Write but we are taking a little break. Little Bit is reading just about anything she picks up and is bored with the SSRW readers so she is beginning to read through the Sonlight Language Arts 2 readers which I bought for her to start at some point this year. The Karate Kid needed something to read that inspired him. I found seven Billy and Blaze books at a garage sale for $0.10. Billy is a boy and Blaze is his horse and they set off on adventures. The pages are beautifully illustrated with black and white pencil sketches. There are just a few sentences on each page so a boy doesn’t get overwhelmed by all the reading he must do to get to the story.

We’ve added the Life of Fred Elementary Math Series for the Karate Kid. He loves a good story and a story about math is even better. It’s his reward for getting his math workbook pages done. We call it Fred’s math around here and Karate Kid thinks Fred is very entertaining.

Here’s a fun little memory that we made last week. These kinds of things don’t happen often here and I had printed this out to do last school year and it never happened. I do wish that school could be like this every day but I lack the creativity and time for this. Alas though Karate Kid wanted nothing to do with my fun little project so I suppose it’s good that everyday isn’t this fun. However, there were three little ones that had a blast grabbing labels and running off with them to put them where they go.


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