Update on the Gymnast and her Concussion


It’s been as hard as I expected to keep the Gymnast’s brain at rest. The first couple of days I would tell her to rest. Then five minutes later I would find her doing something that wasn’t restful. I’d find her walking around the back yard, chasing the bunny around her pin, texting on her iPod, or cleaning her room. After 3 days of telling her, “that’s not restful” and her telling me, “but I thought it would be okay,” I realized I had to be very specific. She got remanded to her bedroom. She was given orders to lay in her bed for 20 minutes and then she was allowed to play something quietly for 20 minutes. She did great for a couple of days of this. She stopped complaining of headaches, wasn’t dizzy and wasn’t irritable at the end of the day. But then the weather got warm and pretty outside and this little one lives for the outdoors. Everyone was spending all day outside.


I left at the end of last week to attend my brother’s wedding. We were going to make the trip as a family but the Gymast wasn’t up to traveling so I went alone. And that meant leaving Daddy in charge of her rest. I was told that only one day she looked pale, a precursor to a headache. So I came home determined to make her rest this week. Only to find her outside playing with everyone.


She’s had some headaches this week due to the activity that she keeps doing. She considers it restful because she isn’t running or jumping or climbing. But it’s not restful enough.


She is so very frustrated and having a hard time just being still. She doesn’t like being alone or missing out on all the fun everyone is having. She’s ready to get back to everyday activity and isn’t enjoying the break from school work. She will be missing another meet this weekend and is hoping to be able to compete at state in May.

Thank you so much to all who have prayed for her. Please continue to pray for her the Lord to help her rest and to heal her quickly.


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