Moments to Remember ~ Homeschool Special Needs Accommodations

The ability to make accommodations for my children is a huge benefit to homeschooling. With the Karate Kid’s ADHD and Asperger’s it’s hard to keep his mind on school when he is being still. I’ve tried; both Karate Kid and the Gymnast hear nothing I say if I make them sit still. I allow quiet play while I read to them. They are allowed to build legos or puzzles or color while I read. So while I read Karate Kid’s math story to him he stood up and built with his legos.

Karate Kid while I read Math

He’s also always had trouble getting dressed in the morning. Trouble with the change required in changing clothes. His first question to me every morning is, “Do we have to go anywhere today?” If I say no his next question is, “Do I have to get dressed?” I quit fighting it a long time ago and allow him to stay in his pajamas until he’s ready to change. It usually happens when everyone is outside having fun and he decides he wants to join them which is usually around lunch. But he’s also been known to play outside in his pajamas. There you have it, two more reasons I homeschool, my child can stand and play legos in his pajamas while I read the math lesson.

This week I’m linking up to Moments to Remember on Homeschool Creations.


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