Reptile Show ~ Moments to Remember

We are part of a wonderful co-op in our area. We meet every Tuesday for classes and on some Friday for Topic Friday or a field trip. Yesterday J.B. Rattlers came to teach us about snakes and reptiles. Jack volunteered at the beginning of the show to hold a corn snake.


And for the rest of the show Sidekick was begging to hold a snake. At the end of the show all the kids got to hold a black snake.




Karate Kid was so brave. I was very surprised that he wanted to hold the snake. He said it was slimy and didn’t want to hold it again.



It’s not by accident that all the kids are wearing yellow shirts. We went to the park after the reptile show. I dress the kids in yellow so I don’t have to remember what color they are wearing and I can quickly spot them throughout the park. The yellow stands out very well and makes them easier to keep track of.

This week I’m linking up to Moments to Remember on Homeschool Creations.


2 thoughts on “Reptile Show ~ Moments to Remember

  1. Oh boy….you are one brave momma. The thought of watching a snake wrap around my kids neck…..eeek! That is pretty cool though! Wish we had a co-op near us.

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