Cotter Fractals for RightStart Math

It took us over a year to finish this project but we finally finished it. The Gymnast was to construct a one thousand fractal to understand place value better.


You first start with tiny triangles or ones (green) and glue 10 of them onto a larger triangle to make a ten triangle (white). Then you take 10 of the larger white triangles and glue them onto the blue triangle to make a hundred triangle. Then you take 10 blue triangles to make a large 1000 triangle.


For many months every day she did a few ten triangles (gluing 10 tiny greens onto a white). Her little sister and I helped out on several occasions. Then over a few days she made the hundred triangles (blue). Then they sat and sat until one day the furniture was moved to vacuum. We seized the opportunity and hung our one thousand fractal up. However, since we have textured, plaster walls the triangles barely stayed up until Daddy arrived to see. Oh well, Little Bit is almost to that lesson herself so in a few months we can start all over again.


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