Concussion Update #2

We saw the Concussion Doctor about 10 days ago. She was asked a series of questions about her physical symptoms. She had to rate them on a 1 to 6 scale, 6 being the worst ever. The nurse asked her about headaches, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, irritability, easily frustrated, ability to fall asleep at night and a few others. The first time we saw the doctor she answered 4 to 6 on nearly all of those questions. This time she was able to answer 1 to 3 on all of them. She hadn’t had a headache for 2 weeks but noises were still bothering her and she was still having a little more trouble than usual to do schoolwork, however she wasn’t really irritable or easily frustrated. She was also back to her regular sleeping habits, instead of falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow she was back to taking an hour or more to fall asleep.

After the nurse’s questions, the doctor came in and gave her a neurological exam. He made her follow his finger with her eyes, gave her things to remember, and asked her to say the days of the week starting with Tuesday, and what day of the week today was. She did much better this time. She really couldn’t answer any of his questions the first time we went other than it was Friday. He was happy with her improvement and released her to start increasing her activity level.


She has spent a lot of time with her rabbit lately.


We were given an exercise progression that started with brisk walking and ended with a 100% cardiac workout. It was a 3 step process and if she got a headache after any of the workouts she was to rest for 24 hours and return to the previous step. We were to call 7 days later with her results. She started by just walking a few laps around the backyard and then jogging and then running 10 laps around the park. She was able to progress through without any physical symptoms. When I called in they asked how she had progressed through the regiment. I said she did great, no symptoms. Then she asked how her memory was. Hmm. I had forgotten about that little symptom. In fact, a few hours before I talked to the nurse she couldn’t remember something. Her brother wanted to play Connect 4. She had no recollection of what it was even after we tried to explain it to her. She is also still having a bit of trouble with her math assignments. She isn’t understanding them as easily as she was a few months ago. So the nurse would relay this to the doctor and call me back.


She made a desert diorama today to go along with our study of the desert.

Based on her troubled memory the doctor wants her to sit out for another 2 weeks and see us back in the office then. She is allowed to have full physical activity but she still can’t go back to the gym. We’ve been trying to get back to a full school schedule since last week and we still can’t get there. She seems more frustrated with her work than she used to be. It’s a little reminiscent of the pre-LearningRx Gymnast. She’s isn’t as interested in learning as she was past LearningRx and pre-concussion. So we will give it more time to heal and continue to pray that the Lord restores all and that there is no permanent cognitive function loss. It’s quite bizarre seeing this child on her feet as much as she has been. Ordinarily I find her on her hands and flipping upside down constantly.


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