Final Concussion Update

We made what I hope is our final visit to the concussion doctor this morning. Over the last two weeks my Gymnast has been much better. She is able to do her schoolwork, her memory is better and she is happy.

The doctor has declared that she has made a full recovery and she is released to get back to gymnastics. She is so excited and can’t wait to flip again. She’s missed two meets and there is another next weekend that she will likely miss. There’s only one left, she would like to be able to compete at the State Meet at the end of May.

I asked him what this concussion meant for the long term. He said that he feels that she has completely recovered. He doesn’t think we should see long term effects but there is no way to know for sure. If she should suffer another concussion he would evaluate that one and we would go from there. But the goal is to not have another concussion. He says for her to be a little less of a risk taker.

I am so thankful to everyone that prayed for her healing and her safety. I praise the Lord that she recovered and that he kept her safe from a second impact while she was healing.




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