Repost: Learning Not to Compare Myself

I originally wrote this almost 6 years ago. It was a great lesson that the Lord taught me. It is one that I remind myself of often._______________________________________
It is so easy to fall into Satan’s trap sometimes. It is so easy to look at your friends and think that they have everything figured out, that they always have a clean house, always fix fresh healthy food for dinner, have well-behaved, well-mannered children everyday.We all have strengths and weaknesses. Where one Mom struggles another succeeds. However, Satan pulls at us in those weak areas. He makes us think that we aren’t doing a good job as a Mom. He makes us feel guilty becuase we don’t do it like Mom over there. He makes us feel like Mom over there does everything better than us and has everything figured out.This summer I have spent a lot of time with two wonderful Moms in the same season of life as me. We all have children born within months of eachother. What I have realized is that we all have different strengths and weaknesses. What has been incredible is that God has placed us together to teach each of us how to overcome the guilt of our weaknesses. We can help each other recognize Satan’s powers. We can offer advice on how we are able to do the things we are good at. God does not intend for us to go through life with daily guilt.I have also realized that the things that are important for the day get done. Each Mom’s focus on what is important for the day is different. Each Mom has different circumstances with their children. For instance, I have been going through a terrible battle with Karate Kid and his allergies which provoke behavioral problems. It is very hard to get much done when you have a child that is needy. I haven’t been able to journal like I wanted to, take pictures of Little Bit like I wanted to. What was important for many months was taking care of Karate Kid and trying to figure out what was making him sick. Now that things are getting better I can focus on other things. I need to stop allowing Satan to make me feel guilty about not accomplishing everything.

One thought on “Repost: Learning Not to Compare Myself

  1. Rita says:

    Super cute kids! I’m impressed with your blog! I ran across it while doing a search on Dr Stephanie Cave. My mom and daughter have had reactions to vaccines within the past 5 years. I am considering referring my mother to her as she is debilitated now due to side effects. I was wondering if you could give me a recommendation. My daughter was treated by a chiropractor in Ca long distance as we are in La and she is doing better now. Did you get pretty good results with Dr Cave?

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