Nature Study ~ Moments to Remember

This week the big kids found some of these creepy crawly caterpillars in the front yard. They decided to make them pets and put them in their butterfly habitat. They caught three so that each of them had one. They fed the fresh leaves every day.



And they made sure they got out to play.


They would rather play with their nature study than draw it. Maybe when the weather is cold and there are no bugs to play with they will want to make a nice watercolor of their pet caterpillars.


I guess there isn’t a better way to lean about nature than to feed it and play with it.

While the girls and Karate Kid were intrigued by caterpillars this week. The boys were excited to learn about magnets. Here they are repeating Karate Kid’s experiment of pulling paper clips with a magnet through different medium. 


The Sidekick wandered around the house filled with wonder and joy as he find things that the magnets would stick to.


His little face just lit up and he got giddy when he found something that the magnet stuck onto.



Little Man took this experiment very serious. He watched all the magnet experiments on the Discover and Do video, did many of the experiments himself and made sure to take good “notes” just like his older brother.



Notice the very serious face….



Ta dah!! I made them stick!


Little Man has shown a real interest in school topics the last few weeks. He has been begging to do school and he is having a blast. I love to have them beg for school instead of dread it.

If I had planned our science this week, it would not have looked like this. I love that the kids can get engrossed in their study when they are interested in the topic. And with a house full of little sizzlers you never know what is going to strike their fancy. (Not familiar with the term sizzler, head over to Sizzle Bop and read her story.)


This week I’m linking up to Moments to Remember on Homeschool Creations.


2 thoughts on “Nature Study ~ Moments to Remember

  1. Looks like fun! We had a caterpillar and magnet week a couple of weeks ago and had a blast with it. Will you be keeping your caterpillars until they turn into butterflies?

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