Homeschool Dad Park Day ~ Moments to Remember


This summer has been so busy. I’ve not had time to blog. We’ve swapped our living room with our schoolroom giving us more room for school and rearranged things quite a lot. More to come on that. I’ve been deciding on and ordering our curriculum for the fall and have been trying to get our plans all in order to get it all done. To give me a few hours of quiet time, Daddy took the kids to the park. He met a couple of other homeschool Dads who were also granting their wives a moment of silence to plan.

Here they are dressed and equipped for the park.


Our oldest spent the night at a friends and was getting dropped off at the park so she’s absent from the photo. I am so thankful and blessed to have a husband who is willing to take the kids by himself. He’s an awesome man!

While gone I spent the hours planning the new chore systems. Every year in July I pass chores down to the next smallest kid that is able. Then the big kids get to take over some of my chores to help the house get clean and stay clean. I’m a little late this year. But better late than never.


This week I’m linking up to Moments to Remember at Homeschool Creations.


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