Adventures In Birthing #3

Laura Ashley Is Born!!
Baby Laura Ashley was barely born in the hospital. I was awoken by contractions at about 2:15 a.m. on Sunday morning. I wasn’t really sure if it was actual labor until about 4:30. I had experienced the same thing the night before for about an hour until I finally fell back asleep. I kept changing position trying to get comfortable but could never go back to sleep. By about 4:30 my contractions had changed. They were more intense and were I was feeling them had moved.

My house was not exactly how I pictured it when I went into labor. There was someone sleeping in every room. Mom, Dad, Michelle and Madison were in Madison’s room. Dee, Kris and Samuel were in Eli’s room. Eli was asleep in the playpen in my room and Nick was asleep on the sofa in the living room. For the first two hours I was in labor I would lay down for a little while then get up and go into the bathroom for a little while. I got up to call Colleen, my labor assistant, about 3:30 and 4:30. I called her from the laundry room so I wouldn’t disturb anyone sleeping.

About 4:45 I decided to wake Wes up and tell him I was in labor that he should go wake my Mom up. When I woke him up he asked me if I was sure I was in labor. He had no clue that I had been getting in and out of bed for the last two hours. I had even woke him up around 4 to get his watch. He had no recollection of that. He was quite calm and didn’t really think we should wake Mom yet. I assured him that this was the real thing and that it was time to get her up. Colleen was on her way. Eli had woken up when Mom had come downstairs and was being as sweet as can be. Every once in awhile he would say in his sweet voice, “Momma?” We would just tell him to lay back down and he would for a few minutes. He was never a bother at all. When Mom got up her and I went into the bathroom and she started cleaning my bathtub in case I wanted to get in it later. I was sitting on my excercise ball talking to her and breathing through each contraction.

A little before 6 I was telling Mom that I just didn’t think that I could go through transition. I remembered what transition was like with Eli and I didn’t really want to experience it. At that point with Eli I just kept thinking to myself, “What are you doing? You could be at the hospital with an epidural and you wouldn’t feel any of this.” The contractions weren’t that bad yet but they were close together and pretty intense. During this time I had a conversation with Lisa and kept talking to Mom between contractions. The contractions were pretty close together which was not the case with either of my other kids. I told Wes to start packing up some things. He said “Do you think that we are going to the hospital soon?” I told him yes. I was just thinking to myself, “I can’t go through transition if it is going to get much worse, I’ll just go to the hospital and get a little nubane to hedge off the pain a little.” I also asked him to find out where Colleen was. She was just on the other side of the bay. About 15 minutes away or so. Several minutes later my water broke with a contraction. When I stood up to transfer to the toilet I told Mom and Wes we need to go now!! Laura was barrelling down the birth canal. Mom said she wanted to go change first, she was stil in her pjs. She handed Eli to Nick. Eli snuggled up to Nick and laid on his chest.

Wes and I made our way to the front door and mom was soon to follow behind and met us on the sidewalk. About the time Mom made it to us I was pushing (on my sidewalk). The contractions and urge to push was so strong that I could not help but push. With Eli when I would push I wouldn’t feel the contractions anymore. These contractions were so strong that even through the push the contractions were powerful. We loaded into Mom’s van and I rode to the hospital on my knees, leaning on her seat. I pushed with every contraction to the hospital. Wes drove about 80 or 90 down the highway and pulled into the ER entrance. I told them I needed a gerny. I rode the gerny on hands and knees and pushing through the hospital. The nurse who was pushing me just kept telling me not to push. I’m not sure if she realized that I was pushing the entire time. There was no way I couldn’t push. It was a good thing it was a female nurse pushing me up because she remained calm and didn’t panic like the male orderlees usually do. As the nurse pushed me out of the elevator on the third floor I told them the baby was crowning. Mom said, “I’ve got the head.” I delivered in the doorway of the LDR room, with the door wide open. When they wheeled me in the nurses insisted that I lay on my back. I was not very complient about that and they ended up picking me up and turning me over. Then they started to yell at me to push. I had no breath and was very disoriented since they had moved me. I was yelling at them that I needed a breath and they said to just push. I don’t exactly know how you push if you have no breath. It was a very intense few minutes. Wes just made it into the room when she was born. Colleen told me later that she made it to the hospital and rode up the elevator with Wes. She asked him where I was. He said as calm as can be, “she’s with her Mom.” I don’t think he had a clue how close he was to missing it. Laura Ashley was born on the gerny. There was meconium in my water and unfortunately she had aspirated it and was not breathing at first. She is perfectly fine now. The nurse who was by me panicked and started yelling for a doctor because she noticed her head was blue. The ER doctor actually delivered her and delivered her shoulders square in a hurry and broke her right collar bone. When I saw her she was laying limp on the bed with a blue face and white body and wasn’t moving at all. I knew that she was going to be okay but wanted to know what was wrong. No one would tell me anything. They rushed her to the warmer and started to suction her out and within a few minutes she started to make little peeps. They wrapped her up and let me see her for a minute and then she and Wes went to the nursery. They did a chest x-ray and started her on antibiotics and she had to spend the first 24 hours in the nursery hooked up to a pulse ox monitor. That was a really long 24 hours.

The nurses said she was born at 7:04. Everything went so fast and I wasn’t hooked up to any machines so they had to remember to get the time. That was their best guess. After they let me see her I got to transfer to a regular bed and everyone left the room. Colleen finally delivered the placenta about 10 minutes or so after the birth. About 15 minutes after the birth Dr. Shoemaker came waltzing in. He said that he was working on his Sunday school lesson when Colleen called to say we were on the way to the hospital. He asked her if she had seen me and she said no that she was meeting us at the hospital. He figured he would just find out what was going on when I got the hospital. He called when he hadn’t heard anything and they told him I was on the way up on a gerny. He said he got dressed and flew out the door. He almost made it. He was very apologetic that he had missed it. I was sorry that he had missed it because I know he wouldn’t have panicked and things would have been a little better. The nurse finally made it back into my room and started asking me all the admit questions they normally ask you when you first get there.

About an hour after the birth I was finally able to go to the nursery to see Laura Ashley. Ommy, Colleen and I all went into the nursery to see the new bundle. It was really wierd to have gone that long before holding and seeing the baby. With Madison and Eli I was able to hold them right away and hold them for several hours before they took them to do their things. But I got to hold her and feed her. She was a natural right off the bat at nursing. I stayed and held her for about an hour and then I was ready to go get a shower and get cleaned up. I was told that maybe by the afternoon baby would be able to come to my room and be a regular baby.

Mom headed home and I went to my room where Wes, Mimi and Hayden were waiting for me. Mimi and Hayden had seen Laura Ashley through the nursery window and thought she was adorable. We mostly talked about the weather, how dangerous Hurricane Katrina was going to be to us and whether we should evacuate. Linda and Bob had reservations for us all in two locations: Bessemer, AL and Newnan, GA. The hospital told us that baby and I were going to be able to stay at the hospital no matter what because she was on antibiotics and being monitored. Wes was unsure what to do, to stay with me or go with the other kids. It wasn’t really an option for the kids and Wes to come stay with me at the hospital. That would’ve been a nightmare having Madison and Eli trapped in a room for two days. We didn’t really want to send them with my parents without one of us. So we decided that if evacuation was necessary that Wes would go with my parents and take Madison and Eli and I would just stay at the hospital. We would continue to watch the weather and make a decision by lunch time. It was really hard for the both of us. We didn’t want to be split up especially after just having the baby.

I got cleaned up and decided to go back to the nursery to see baby with Wes. We hadn’t seen the baby together yet and hadn’t positively settled on her name. As soon as we got in there I started to feel faint. The nursery nurse ran me out and hollared for my nurse. I told her that I thought I was bleeding pretty heavily. The nurse helped me into my bed and massaged my uterus. I passed a couple of large blood clots. She told me that it was because my bladder was really full. My bladder was still paralyzed and I was not having any success relieving myself. I had her cath me. I tried again a few minutes later to go to the nursery again and shortly after I got in the wheelchair I started to feel weak and then I passed out. The last thing I remember was the nurse telling my Mom to yank the call cord out of the wall. And then I smelled a terrible smell. They got me back in the bed, massaged me and I passed a couple more large clots. Eveyone had left at this point except for my Dad. He had decided that someone had really stay with me. Dr. Shoe order a shot of metheragine to have my uterus contract properly. The nurse brought me a motrin a few minutes later in case I was going to have any pain. Within 5 minutes of getting the shot I was cramping beyond belief. I had one terrible contraction that didn’t get any better for 30 minutes until the motrin kicked in. I ended up vomitting when the nurse brought my lunch. I was already feeling nauseous from the pain and the smell of lunch sent me over the edge. This was not the postpardem experience I was looking forward to. Baby couldn’t come to my room to see me and I was incapable of going to the nursery to see her. The nurse called the pediatrician and she told them that baby could come to the room to nurse since I was unable to go to the nursery. At least she conceeded to that. I got to see baby a few times that day and a couple of times through the night. They would come get her when I was finished nursing. I got to have her in the room for about an hour each time.

At some point in the day before lunch and between all the weekness and passing out Mom and Dad came with Madison and Eli to see us. Wes had been in the nursery holding baby when Madison and Eli came to see her. Madison was not happy at all that Wes was in the nursery. I think that she was scared for her Dad to be in the strange place. We were thinking that she just didn’t want him to hold baby but that never came up again. Everyone didn’t stay long before they headed home to get the munchkins lunch and naps.

After watching the weather we had all decided that evacuation was not necessary and we would ride it out on the Eastern Shore.

We had a couple of visitors from church come after lunch. I actually had the baby in my room to feed her and everyone waited for me to finish. The visitors included Eileen and Dave Marsh and kids, Shannon Tucker and Anna and Malory Wolf. They got a chance to see baby up close and Shannon even got to hold her. They were all very excited for us. They asked if we had named the baby yet. We hadn’t definitely decided, Wes and I had only seen her together for one minute. We talked later in the day and decided that she really looked like a Laura Ashley and we were happy with that.

The days events started to subside after all of this. The doctor had checked on baby and told me that she would have to stay in the nursery over night and could be a regular baby tomorrow morning. I was really upset. I hadn’t spent any time with my new baby. I just wanted to hold her for as long as I wanted and love her and look at her and have her near me all I wanted. I wanted to be the one taking care of her and change her diapers. About 4 that evening I finally got to spend some time with my baby. I was starting to feel a lot better and wanted to head to the nursery. Dad wheeled me in there. I stayed in there holding baby for a couple of hours. Kris came and picked up Dad so when I went back to the room I was all by myself until late that evening. Wes came by for a quick visit after he put the muchkins to bed, it was about 9. This was the first time that we were able to see and enjoy the baby together. It had been a really wierd day – atypical to the other birth experiences. It was 14 hours since I had Laura Ashley and Wes and I were just getting to experience her together and admire her. It’s just not as fun to have a baby and have no one to share her with. Scott Stoner paid us a visit while Wes was there. He told us that they had been at the hopital in the early morning hours but were sent home because Gloria wasn’t make much progress. She labored at home very sporadically and with little intensity all day. They were back hoping that she had made some more progress. Wes didn’t stay much longer. He wanted to stay with the kids at the house in case they woke up in the middle of the night scared from the bad weather.

It was pretty lonely. I didn’t have the baby with me and I didn’t have Wes either. I watched a lot of weather coverage.


2 thoughts on “Adventures In Birthing #3

  1. Anne-Marei Jordan says:

    Dear Angelle,

    I just read my Right start yahoo daily download and a mom referenced the cotters ten fractal. Finally I saw an example of it all built.! I googled your first name and the words cotters ten fractal and I found you.

    Thank you for posting this on your blog.

    I home school my 2 sons age 15 and 8. I earned a degree in Computer Science and Secondary Education. I worked as a systems engineer then met and married my husband also a systems engineer and graduate of Georgia Insitute of Technolgy.

    When I had our first son, I wanted to be a mother and stay home and raise him.
    I resigned. In time I learned he was dyslexic. Not really expecting that at all.

    I felt called to bring him home and teach him when after partnering for 5 years with the private sector he learned nothing. I also had a second son 7 and a half years later. He learns completely differently and does not show dyslexic tendencies.

    I use Right start and Spell to Write and Read and a Bible plus tons of books.

    I really like your blog. Hopefully I will read up on what you have written.

    Thank you again for posting, How blessed your children are to have you teaching them.


    • Many Adventures says:

      Anne Marie,
      When I was doing the fractal I was desperate for a picture of what it should look like. I never could find one.
      I am so glad that you found this post helpful.

      It sounds like you and I have had some similar journeys. It’s so nice to know that there are others that take the same
      road and are also thriving. It sounds like you are doing just what your sons need.

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