Our Letter A Lapbook

Little Bit will be learning her letters this year. I will be using Little Hands to Heaven curriculum to accomplish this. It is basically a letter of the week program. But it uses two of my favorite preschool resources: New Bible in Pictures for LIttle Eyes by Kenneth Taylor and ABC Bible Verse by Susan Hunt. I used these for Gymnast and Karate Kid about 2 years ago. We attempted to do a letter of the week but it didn’t really happen. I am hoping that with Little Hands to Heaven it will provide me more accountability and follow through.

I really want to do a lapbook for each alphabet letter. Gymnast and Karate Kid have enjoyed participating in Little Hands to Heaven with Little Bit and are a big help in lapbooking. I thought since they can cut and write we could all do a lapbook together. In addition it would be good reinforcement for Gymnast and Karate Kid for those letters they are having trouble with.

Here are pictures of our lapbook:

Most of the mini books were downloaded from my favorite homeschool website: Homeschool Share. They have literature-based unit studies, lapbook and notebook components. I used this website a lot last year when we were doing Five in A Row. I will be using it again for Little Hands to Heaven and for our science studies. I found lots of animal lapbooks that go along with our science curriculum. The front cover came from Chubbie Cubbie’s website, and I cut out portions of an alphabet worksheet from Home Education Resources.

The kids did most of the work. Little Bit and I did the front cover together and the alphabet worksheet. As you can see, she can’t quite circle yet. She did a great job of scratching out. Gyjmnast and Karate Kid cut out their own books and Gymnast cut out the apple book for Little Bit. I glued just about everything down. We worked on the components throughout the week and then glued them into the file folder together on Friday. It was lots of fun. We worked on an ant lapbook last week. I will post that one soon.