Homeschool Dad Park Day ~ Moments to Remember


This summer has been so busy. I’ve not had time to blog. We’ve swapped our living room with our schoolroom giving us more room for school and rearranged things quite a lot. More to come on that. I’ve been deciding on and ordering our curriculum for the fall and have been trying to get our plans all in order to get it all done. To give me a few hours of quiet time, Daddy took the kids to the park. He met a couple of other homeschool Dads who were also granting their wives a moment of silence to plan.

Here they are dressed and equipped for the park.


Our oldest spent the night at a friends and was getting dropped off at the park so she’s absent from the photo. I am so thankful and blessed to have a husband who is willing to take the kids by himself. He’s an awesome man!

While gone I spent the hours planning the new chore systems. Every year in July I pass chores down to the next smallest kid that is able. Then the big kids get to take over some of my chores to help the house get clean and stay clean. I’m a little late this year. But better late than never.


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Field Trip to the Zoo ~ Moments to Remember

After 2 years of living here we finally made it to the Virginia Zoo here. This was a really special trip, it was the first time the Littlest Man has been to the zoo. And the Curious Monkey hasn’t been since he was really little so I don’t know if he remembers it. He was so excited. It was a good thing I brought the camera. He kept running over to me, “Momma, you have to take a picture of this animal. And Momma take a picture of this one. And Momma hurry come here, take a picture.”

Curious Monkey grabbed me by the arm, telling me to come and take a picture, and ran me over to the termite mound, then made his brother pose with him.



The Little Sidekick loved watching the elephant. I think he could have sat all day and watched this one. It had an amazing calming effect on him.


My girls wanted to take this little fennec fox home. They thought it was so cute. In case you didn’t know a fennec fox is a small nocturnal fox that weighs about 1.5–3.5 lb and is between 9–16 in long. It is the smallest species of canid in the world.


The Karate Kid almost missed the field trip. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to go and refused to get out of the car leaving me in quite a bind. But he finally came around and decided he would give the zoo a try. And much to his surprise he love it.






Even though there is no evidence the Gymnast was with us on the trip but kept hiding from the camera. Don’t think she’ll get so lucky next time. We can’t wait to go back to the zoo again.


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Nature Study ~ Moments to Remember

This week the big kids found some of these creepy crawly caterpillars in the front yard. They decided to make them pets and put them in their butterfly habitat. They caught three so that each of them had one. They fed the fresh leaves every day.



And they made sure they got out to play.


They would rather play with their nature study than draw it. Maybe when the weather is cold and there are no bugs to play with they will want to make a nice watercolor of their pet caterpillars.


I guess there isn’t a better way to lean about nature than to feed it and play with it.

While the girls and Karate Kid were intrigued by caterpillars this week. The boys were excited to learn about magnets. Here they are repeating Karate Kid’s experiment of pulling paper clips with a magnet through different medium. 


The Sidekick wandered around the house filled with wonder and joy as he find things that the magnets would stick to.


His little face just lit up and he got giddy when he found something that the magnet stuck onto.



Little Man took this experiment very serious. He watched all the magnet experiments on the Discover and Do video, did many of the experiments himself and made sure to take good “notes” just like his older brother.



Notice the very serious face….



Ta dah!! I made them stick!


Little Man has shown a real interest in school topics the last few weeks. He has been begging to do school and he is having a blast. I love to have them beg for school instead of dread it.

If I had planned our science this week, it would not have looked like this. I love that the kids can get engrossed in their study when they are interested in the topic. And with a house full of little sizzlers you never know what is going to strike their fancy. (Not familiar with the term sizzler, head over to Sizzle Bop and read her story.)


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Reptile Show ~ Moments to Remember

We are part of a wonderful co-op in our area. We meet every Tuesday for classes and on some Friday for Topic Friday or a field trip. Yesterday J.B. Rattlers came to teach us about snakes and reptiles. Jack volunteered at the beginning of the show to hold a corn snake.


And for the rest of the show Sidekick was begging to hold a snake. At the end of the show all the kids got to hold a black snake.




Karate Kid was so brave. I was very surprised that he wanted to hold the snake. He said it was slimy and didn’t want to hold it again.



It’s not by accident that all the kids are wearing yellow shirts. We went to the park after the reptile show. I dress the kids in yellow so I don’t have to remember what color they are wearing and I can quickly spot them throughout the park. The yellow stands out very well and makes them easier to keep track of.

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Playing Together ~ Moments to Remember



These two usually fight if they are near each other. They have no developed an ability to talk to one another nicely. In fact I nicknamed them oil and vinegar. But I heard the sweetest sounds of them playing nicely together this week. Karate Kid later commented to me that Little Bit was fun to play legos with. He had great surprise in his voice. And I heard Little Bit ask him first thing this morning if he wanted to go build legos. So I guess legos can help oil and vinegar mix.




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Moments to Remember ~ Homeschool Special Needs Accommodations

The ability to make accommodations for my children is a huge benefit to homeschooling. With the Karate Kid’s ADHD and Asperger’s it’s hard to keep his mind on school when he is being still. I’ve tried; both Karate Kid and the Gymnast hear nothing I say if I make them sit still. I allow quiet play while I read to them. They are allowed to build legos or puzzles or color while I read. So while I read Karate Kid’s math story to him he stood up and built with his legos.

Karate Kid while I read Math

He’s also always had trouble getting dressed in the morning. Trouble with the change required in changing clothes. His first question to me every morning is, “Do we have to go anywhere today?” If I say no his next question is, “Do I have to get dressed?” I quit fighting it a long time ago and allow him to stay in his pajamas until he’s ready to change. It usually happens when everyone is outside having fun and he decides he wants to join them which is usually around lunch. But he’s also been known to play outside in his pajamas. There you have it, two more reasons I homeschool, my child can stand and play legos in his pajamas while I read the math lesson.

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