Coffee Can Change the Day!!

I am 12 weeks now. I have been so tired. Yesterday I decided that I would have a cup of coffee so that I could enjoy the day. I felt like myself again. I actually had energy to accomplish things. I also wasn’t frustrated with the kids. I actually had the energy and the wisdom of how to take care of them. I will try to describe what I felt like without coffee. The kids would wake up about 7 or so and we would go to the living room. I would turn on PBS for them to watch their favorite shows. I would open the recliner on the sofa and kick back with Little bit. I was intending to just snuggle with her and enjoy the easy morning. Before I knew it their shows were over and I had been asleep the entire time. It was now 8:30 and the kids had been begging for food for an hour. I finally roll off the sofa and force myself to fix them something. Before the pregnancy I was good about fixing nutritious oatmeal most mornings. Since this pregnancy we have had cereal, toast, bagels or canned biscuits.

After fixing breakfast and eating I was wiped out. I would sit on the sofa and watch them run around and try to settle any fights. However, I was brain dead. It was like no blood was going to my brain. Things that I normally do automatically just weren’t happening. When you feel like this you start to feel down. You feel like you are pathetic and can’t do the things that you are suppose to be doing. But then you continue to sit on the sofa because you don’t have the energy to get up.

So what do you do? You drink coffee and hire help. I haven’t had coffee on a regular basis since I was pregnant with Gymnast. I had started drinking it a little right before this pregnancy because I was lacking energy. I thought I would be able to do without it. Boy I was wrong. The second thing I have done is hire help. There was a girl in our church who is home for the summer and wasn’t able to find a job. Wes agreed that we could have her come two mornings a week. She came for the first time this week. It was the best thing ever. The first day I had her play with the kids while I worked on the laundry. The second day I had her help the kids clean and vacuum their rooms. By the time she left we had almost the entire house clean and vacuumed. Yesterday after I had my cup of coffee I had the energy to tackle the playroom. Boy it feels nice to have the house in order. So that’s how I am managing right now.

I had my first doctor appointment last week. I had an ultrasound and saw the beautiful little heart beat of the baby inside. They calculated my due date as Jan. 2. Now is time to place your bets about the sex. We go for another ultrasound in eight weeks. I really enjoy the surprise of finding out the sex on birth day. However, right now I am a little anxious about what 5 kids under 7 is going to do to my life. I thought that if I knew what we were expecting I could focus a little more intently on getting prepared to bring him/her home. We’ll see if I change my mind in eight weeks. The heart rate was 162 beats per minute. Gymnast had a fast heart rate like that. My boys had more like 140’s. I have a strong feeling that it’s a girl. We’ll see.