All About Reading Level 2 –A Review

I am a huge fan of All About Reading and All About Spelling. I just finished All About Reading Pre-1 Level with the little boys. I’ve been using All About Spelling for 5 years now and also love it. Last year I was on the fence about whether to order All About Reading Level 2 (AAR 2) for the Little Gymnast (age 10) and the Karate Kid (age 9). Both of them were reading better, but still needed practice for fluency. The Karate Kid was struggling more than the Gymnast. They were both still struggling to read multi-syllable words, compound words and silent-e words.

A friend of mind let me borrow her Level 2 to look over. After looking through it at her house and more that night, I ordered it. I got started right away with the kids with her books while I waited for mine.

This program is a dream. It is everything you could hope for and the price is right. Over the last 5 years I’ve tried 10 different reading programs or supplements with these two children. Because of the Gymnast’s dyslexia and the Karate Kids Asperger’s and ADHD, I’ve had a hard time finding the perfect match. I need something that has lots of practice, but in new ways so they don’t get bored reading the same passages 20 times (and besides they won’t read them more than two times). I need something that’s engaging, has quick lessons, with reading pages that aren’t cluttered and distracting. All About Reading is all this and more. You can download sample lessons to try yourself.


AAR is the first of many reading programs (including computer programs) that the Karate Kid doesn’t fight with me about. He really enjoyed it, even though he was 9 when we started. He loves the games, they are just what he needs to make him read without making it feel like work. Now I’ve tried games before; Happy Phonics, file folder games, bingo. But AAR games are perfect.




Here are a few things that I like about All About Reading:

  • The lessons are scripted. I don’t have to come up with my own words unless I want to.
  • Almost every lesson has a different game to play, and they aren’t elaborate. From chopping compound word logs to rescuing kittens from a tree the kids get plenty of practice reading the new words.
  • Fluency practice sheets for every lesson. The sheets start with new words, then move on to phrases and then sentences. These sheets practice the new words and old words to build reading confidence.
  • The kids will never be asked to read a word they haven’t been taught in a lesson.
  • My kids think it’s fun and don’t fight with me to practice their reading.
  • Approximately every other lesson the kids get to read a story from the beautiful and engaging readers. These are some of their favorite stories.

I haven’t found any negatives about this program. It works for me as a teacher as well as the kids.

Both of my children have completed this level now and are reading more and with more fluency than before. We have moved on to level 3.